Gyuvech with Meat (Bulgaria)
The Legend about Mavrud


Although white wine is used in our recipe, Bulgaria is famous for its red wines. They say that all Bulgarian songs praise red wine except one. In that song they sing: “Oh, white wine, why are you not red…?“
About Mavrud wine
Wine was part of the religious rituals of ancient Thracians. They drank undiluted wine from large bowls. Wine was considered a gift from the gods, inebriation and ecstasy were part of climbing the stairway to the world of deities, interface between mortals and those who are immortal. Wine drinking was popular much later as well. But in 9th C the king Khan Krum of Bulgaria did not like it anymore. During his reign all vineyards were ordered to be destroyed. Legends contend that a lion escaped from its cage and terrorized people in the town. However, a fearless young man was not afraid of the beast and slew it. The king wanted to know how it was possible that the young man was so strong. He let seek out his mother who confessed to not have obeyed the king’s order. She was very poor and had nothing to feed her child. So she had hidden some grapes, made wine and had given it to her son by small gulps. And that was the source of his bravery. Khan Krum was very impressed of her courage and confession. He ordered the vineyards replanted. And because the name of the young man was Mavrud the red wine grape was called Mavrud as well. You can find it in Bulgaria only. Today, the small-berried and late-ripening grape Mavrud is one of the most highly esteemed Bulgarian wines.

Gyuvech with Meat
If you go to Bulgaria you can buy traditional ceramics. Do not buy any useless vases but a solid pot with a lid – a gyuvech. There are big pots, but also small ones for one portion. Food prepared in such pots keeps its taste, juiciness and aroma. In addition, it can be served directly in the pot.
We need: different pieces of chicken or pork, sausages, frankfurters, sausages coated with bacon, 0,5 kg sauerkraut, 1 mug of rice, 100 g butter, salt, spices, white wine
Method: Put one portion of sauerkraut on the pot bottom, strew with a half of rice and put some meat pieces and sausages, flavor with salt and spices. Repeat the procedure. Sauerkraut should be the top layer. Pour over 1 ½ mug of wine diluted with water. Cut butter in small pieces and put them on the top of the mixture. Preheat oven to 150°C and bake for 1,5 hours. Serve with bread.


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