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Fried Eggs

Vyprážané vajíčka

The spring begins on March 21st, it is the day of the astronomical spring equinox. March marked the return to the active life of farming but also of military campaigning. So the name for March comes from Mars – the Roman god of war. It was the first month of the calendar of Ancient Romans. That is why September is the name for the 7th month (septem = 7), October for the 8th (octo = 8), November for the 9th (novem = 9) and December for the 10th (decem = 10).

The next spring month is April, the name comes from the Latin verb aperire – to open, it reminds the season when trees and flowers begin to open. The month May is named after the goddess Maia, the most beautiful one of the seven Pleiades, whose festival was held by Ancient Romans in May. It is said that when the Pleiades are rising above the horizon the sea starts to “open” for sailing. Heavy spring storms are over and good times for sailors are coming.

Fried eggs

We need:

5 boiled eggs

1-2 tbsp mustard

1-2 tbsp ketchup

salt, black pepper

1-2 tbsp chopped green herbs


1 beaten egg


oil for frying


Peel the boiled eggs, cut them in halves and remove egg yolks. Mash the yolks with a fork and mix well with mustard, ketchup, herbs, salt and pepper. No limit for your own improvisation! You can flavour the yolks with green pesto, chilli, ground cheese etc. Fill the egg holes with the mixture. Place the flour, the beaten egg and the breadcrumbs in three separate bowls. Coat each egg in the flour, then with the egg. Dump the breadcrumbs onto the eggs trying to get as much of it to stick and coat as possible. Place the eggs in the hot oil, turn them to brown them on all sides. Place the fried eggs on a paper towel. Serve with green salad.



  1. Anna Sieragowska

    supppiii….es muss schmecken! mniam mniammmm 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Just try! 🙂

  2. Mária

    Vyprážané vajíčka si robím aj ja, manžel ma ich naučil robiť.

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Hmmm, šikovný manžel! 🙂

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