Whipped Cream Cake – Our Family Jewel

Šľahačková torta

In my childhood, the beginning of a new year brought not only new portions of fresh snow but also the whipped cream cake traditionally prepared by my mum on New Year’s Day which was white coloured as well. She had learned making the cake from her mother. And it was one of the very first recipes I put in my own collection of recipes. With time, some other recipes were added, which I am still keeping as our family jewels – many of them are written by her hand, on a paper which she had at hand at that moment, some are even decorated with a greasy stain or a tiny piece of stuck dried dough. It is just proof that those recipes are still in use and that through them, our beloved ones who left us forever are still with us in a way.

My mum will never bake this cake on New Year’s Day again. She passed away on New Year’s Eve 2018/19.

The loss of your mother, no matter how old you are, changes your life forever. You never truly get over the loss. It is hard to learn to live with it, it is hard to come to believe it. There are still dents in the skin cream made by her fingers, a forgotten hair in the bathroom, an unfinished crossword on the bedside table and a grocery list in the purse…

But I believe that she still lives not only in our children but also in all those family recipes. Please, take this recipe as a memory of her. She could cook very well. Every time she served this cake, people asked for the recipe. It is a light cake, easy to prepare and eat.

Whipped Cream Cake

We need:

3 eggs

150 g caster sugar

130 g flour

0,5 l whipped cream

ground walnuts

fat for greasing the baking tray



Whisk the eggs, add sugar and finally flour. Take a flat tray, grease it and sprinkle with flour. Mark a circle with a round form. Spread a thin layer of the dough on it and bake it until it starts to become brown. Take a knife and carefully remove the cake from the tray while it’s still hot. The dough is elastic but after cooling down, it becomes hard, you cannot remove it.

Bake five pieces of the flat cake this way. If you don’t have a flat tray, you can also use baking paper but you have to grease and sprinkle it with flour as well! It’s possible that the edges become undulate but don’t worry about it. Spread whipped cream on them, they will become soft again. After spreading the cream, sprinkle every other flat cake with ground walnuts. Spread both the top and sides of the cake with the whipped cream and decorate the finished cake with some fruits (I recommend fruits with a strong taste like raspberries or kiwi) or sprinkle it with cocoa or grated chocolate. Put in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.

I am sure you have some favourite family recipes as well. Don’t forget to ask for them before it is too late and don’t forget to share and hand them over like a precious message. And whenever you use them, always think about your beloved one, from whom you inherited the recipe. Never mind if the final meal is not perfect and doesn’t look like a dish in a luxury restaurant. It is much more important that in addition to the basic ingredients, you will not forget to add the most important one: a piece of your heart!

Text: © Copyright Ingrid, Travelpotpourri
Fotos: © Copyright Ingrid, Travelpotpourri



  1. Jana

    Inka, torta vyzerá super , určite vyskúšam , do šľahačky niečo pridávaš ? Aby držala lepšie.🎂😊

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Ďakujem, Janka. Nemám však skúsenosti so slovenskou šľahačkou. Do rakúskej nepridávam nič.

  2. Ingrid z BB

    Ahoj Inka. tuto tortu poznam aj v drahsej verzii s plnkou plnou mandli a orechov, je to praca na cele dopoludnie a veru treba aj viac trpezlivosti a určictych kucharskych zrucnosti. Robila som ju len pri velkych prilezitostiach. Vdaka za jednoduchsi a hlavne lacnejsi recept. Ingrid

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Milá Inga, ďakujem za milý koment. Samozrejme, že sa dá tá torta naplniť omnoho väčšou dávkou mandlí aj orechov, možno to raz tak skúsim tiež!

  3. Mária

    Šľahačku milujem. Torta musí byť chutná … určite si ju urobím. Odporúčaš rakúsku šľahačku?

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Mária, odporúčam akúkoľvek šľahačku, s ktorou má človek dobrú skúsenosť.

  4. Maria

    Šľahačku milujem… Určite tento recept vyskúšam…. Donesiem si aj rakúsku šľahačku….

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Verím, že sa podarí! Čakám foto!

  5. Eva Zakouřilová

    Milá Inko, paní Vlaďka má pravdu, přinesla jsi nám milý recept s krásně popsanou vzpomínkou na maminku, a mně též slzy dojetí. Jestli je pravda to, že vše maminka nyní vidí, má určitě velkou radost. Určitě dort brzy vyzkouším a už teď se na něj těším. Drž se, myslím na Tebe. Eva.

    1. Ingrid (Post author)

      Ďakujem, Evo. Aj ja tomu verím a teším sa, že ju to bude pripomínať všade, kam sa ten recept dostane.


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