Tomar – Inside the Mysterious Walls of the Templar Castle

We are on Republic Square. Black and white stones of limestone are precisely arranged in the chessboard form. It starts raining, rain drops are falling down on the paving stones creating their own patterns. Walking on the square we did… (READ MORE)

Drunken Pears in Wine (Portugal)

Opité hrušky

We tasted this dessert on our trip in Tomar. It is a small Portuguese town by the river Nabao, with 20 thousand inhabitants only. Nevertheless, it is one of the most interesting places in Portugal. In 2013, The Guardian elected… (READ MORE)

Papos de Anjo (Portugal)
Inspiration from Heaven

If you come to a restaurant in Portugal and you open the menu on the page with typical Portuguese pastries and desserts you might feel like in a medieval monastery. It is because on the menu you will find names… (READ MORE)

Pilgrimage sites

Pútnické miesta

Although it is already February 2016, in my memories I still go back to 2015. One of the highlights of the last year for me was the trip with Zita to three pilgrimage sites. According to Wikipedia, pilgrims visit these… (READ MORE)

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