Gyuvech with Eggs and Savoury (Bulgaria)

In the previous post, we have talked about Bulgarian traditional ceramics. Food prepared in such pots keeps its taste, juiciness and aroma. Now another recipe, this time flavoured with savoury.

Savoury (Satureja) is called chubritsa in Bulgarian and actually, it is the Bulgarian national spice. You can find it in every household, some cooks use it in every dish, only except for desserts.

Some people say that this aromatic herb is an aphrodisiac. Maybe that’s why it was so popular with ancient Romans. They had used it for its peppery taste long before ships started to bring black pepper from India.

Anyway, savoury stimulates stomach and intestinal activity and because of that is used in dishes with hard digestibility (bean, lens, peas, meat). However, you should cook it with other ingredients.

The spice is popular not only in Bulgaria but also in other Balkan countries, different names like chemerika, chubal or chubrich are used. But also in France it is one of the main components of the mixture of dried herbs known as herbes de Provence.

In Bulgaria, you can buy “colourful salt” (sharena sol) as well – a mixture of salt, red pepper, savoury and fenugreek.

And now the recipe:

Gyuvech with Eggs

We need:

– sausages, potatoes, carrots, peppers, zucchini and peeled tomatoes cut in smaller pieces

– eggs – the number of eggs and other ingredients depends on how many ceramic pots we have

– crumbled FETA cheese

– parsley, salt, black pepper, savoury


Mix all cut vegetables with sausages (if you prefer vegetable food, just skip sausages) and put it in small greased ceramic pots. Flavour with salt, savoury and black pepper. Scatter cheese and parsley over it. Bake at 175°C until vegetables become soft. Take the pots out, remove the lids and pour an egg in every pot. Bake for some more minutes until the eggs become stiff. Serve with bread.

Don’t forget to combine the dish with tarator!

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