Seven Questions about Vienna (QUIZ)

Have you ever been to Vienna? Have you ever visited our blog and read some of the articles about this beautiful city with a long history and interesting sights? If you answered yes to these questions, then it should be easy for you to find the right answers to the next seven questions.

Which one of these composers was born in today's Vienna?

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Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797 in Himmelpfortgrund, which is now part of Vienna.

In 1856, the construction of the luxury Vienna Ring Road (Ringstrasse) started. Which public building was built first?

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The first public building was the Opera, built between 1861-1869 and inaugurated on May 25, 1869.

In which Habsburg residence did Francis Joseph I and his Sisi spent their honeymoon?

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Franzensburg is a castle in Laxenburg (20 km from Vienna), in 1854, Franz Joseph I and Sisi spent their honeymoon there and two of their four children were born there.

On which building in Vienna can you find the only (and still working) moon clock?

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The only moon clock is on the roof of the north-western wing of the Hofburg, which is called Amalienburg and was constructed in the 16th century.

In which church of Vienna can you find a faithful copy of Da Vinci's Last Supper in the form of a mosaic?

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The copy of The Last Supper is located on the north wall in the Minoritenkirche church, it was commissioned by Napoleon in 1809.

One of Vienna's most famous stories is about the basilisk. What did this strange creature look like?

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This weird creature with a head like a rooster, a toad’s body and a snake’s tail can be found on the facade of house no. 7 on the street Schönlaterngasse in the Old Town.

Who was the first person who opened a café in Vienna?

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According to the notice of the Imperial Court Chamber from January 17, 1685, the first person who was given the privilege to “brew Turkish beverages like coffee, tea and sorbet” in Vienna was Johannes Diodato, an Armenian merchant who had traded in Turkish goods.

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