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Nikolaihof Wachau – In the Oldest Winery in Austria

Nikolaihof is located near the historic town of Mautern in Lower Austria. I must admit that the reason for my visit to this family winery was not wine, but a cookbook. Though not any book! Did you know that cookbooks… (READ MORE)

6 Invitations to Wine Tasting in Moldova

6 pozvánok na ochutnávku moldavských vín

Archeological finds indicate that grapes have grown on the territory of Moldova in the Neolithic Age already. Well-preserved fossils of grape leaves were found near the village of Naslavcea. Although Moldova is often regarded as the poorest European country, according… (READ MORE)

Mileștii Mici and Purcari – Two Other Stops on the Wine Tour in Moldova

Mileștii Mici a Purcari

The amount of the wine bottles in Cricova astonished me but I was also surprised that that collection of wine was not the biggest one in Moldova. If you want to see the record, which is also a world record,… (READ MORE)

Cricova Wine Cellars – The Lost Gagarin

Vínne sklady Cricova

Most of the countries keep their treasures in museums where visitors can admire them in special display cases. The objects are ingeniously illuminated and dusting must be done regularly. Moldova keeps its precious treasures under the ground. Nobody clears any… (READ MORE)

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